PBC is a slow progressive, chronic liver disease which causes destruction of the bile d11428545_10153104299907517_426953942181767172_nucts inside the liver. There are 4 stages of the disease, the end stage of PBC may lead to a liver transplant at some time in the future. From the time of diagnoses it can be many years before a person needs a transplant.

As PBC differs from one person to another, doctors cannot predict who will progress to end stage PBC, as some patient’s progress to transplant quicker than others. It may also depends on what stage  you are when first diagnosed.

There is no known cause or cure;   It is NOT alcohol or drug  related, medication is available to slow the progression of the di
sease. Itching and fatigue are the main symptoms of PBC, which can also be the symptoms of menopause and if symptoms persists, see your doctor.